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Advertising - Pay Per Click

Whenever you search online for a given topic (keyword) the results you are presented with are a mix of matches from both PAID (Pay Per Click) and FREE listings.  The PAID listings appear in what is usually termed the "Ads area" or "sponsored results" and these Ads. are "pay per click". The paying party is the advertiser, not the searching party and every time an ad. is clicked on, the advertiser gets charged a click amount depending upon the key word and the amount bid against that keyword in the pay per click control panel - that's why this type of advertising is called "pay per click" or PPC.  You decide what your monthly click budget (click spend) should be and that is the level we would manage your PPC campaign up to.  At the end of each month you get a report that tells you exactly what's been spent and what's been achieved, that's how you know just how well Pay Per Click is working for you! (but you will already know this from the results you have seen over the month, the report simply confirms it)

Pay Per Click works, which is why so many companies use it but, like other forms of advertising, if you want a good return on the cost then it has to be used wisely and matched to your budget and expectations. That is precisely what we do and why clients use our service.  Most clients have already had PPC experience before they came to us and some were pretty disillusioned about the medium and so were sceptical about what we could achieve - the fact that many are still with us after several years says a lot!

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the fastest way for you to get new sales, or leads (or other actions) from your website, in fact you start getting results in as little as 15 minutes after the service goes 'live'.  Campaigns are dynamic meaning that they are continually adjusted to achieve the best operating performance in differing levels of competition and sometimes at different times of the day.  They are also continually updated to pre-qualify traffic so if the searcher is not looking for precisely what your advertisements are offering then you Ad. will not even get shown for a given search - this reduces unwanted click cost.

Before using us, new clients often cite their experience of PPC as:

Spending too much for little return
Bid prices keep going up, our ads are getting disapproved, or are poorly positioned because of low quality scores
PPC generated visitors to our site are not simply not sticking around to make an enquiry or purchase
PPC is takes too much valuable time to try and make sense of

If the above sounds like your experience, we can help!

With over 5 years experience in pay per click advertising we have gained a wealth of expertise setting up, optimising and managing PPC campaigns for a wide range of industry sectors from Financial services to dog training videos, you name it we've done it!

We offer a great range of pay per click services to suit any need and budget. From one off set ups and optimisations to ongoing management, landing page consultancy and web design.

By outsourcing your AdWords campaign to us you will benefit from:

A dramatic increase in enquiry and sales conversions
A big decrease in your average cost per click
More time for what you do best - running your business!

All big claims we know but just give us a try, we do not tie you in to a lengthy contract (unless you want to discuss term discounts) and our initial consultation is FREE.  But don't just take our word for it, we are proud to have built up a solid client base over the years through a combination of hard work, trust & most importantly those all important results!

Example Case Studies: From money pits to money making machines!

Enquires Up By 523%, Costs Cut By Over 20%
Airsupply Shipping Agents Ltd - International pet shippers

Within the first month of working with Airsupply we cut their click costs by almost a third and they saw a dramatic 30% increase in conversions. In fact they were so impressed with what we had achieved we went on to completely redesign their website and they have been with us ever since. From when we first started enquires have now gone up by a whopping 523%

Enquires Up By 218%, Cost Per Enquiry More Than Halved!
Domestic Repairs Ltd - London based appliance repair engineers

Before we started working with Domestic repairs 10 website enquires a month was the norm. Those days are long gone and now after working with us they get in excess of 200 enquires a month. Needless to say the business is now enjoying substantial growth and new staff have been taken on to cope!

The above are just a couple of examples of how our clients have benefited from working with us.  Your company could be next - get in touch to find out more.

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